We are a group of ornithologist who stumbled upon a report that spoke about the impact of climatic changes on the tropical birds. We were shocked at the figures and we realized the need for immediate action. We got around and gathered like-minded people for a noble cause. Now we are a large group which is growing as we speak. Ornithologists welcome! If you are an ornithologist who is looking to join our gang please get in touch with our team. We need the support from people all around the world to spread the news and to do the best we could to protect those winged little precious ones. Though we do have a large group of ornithologists we also have a lot of bird lovers in our forum who help us gather more information and to add to our database every little detail that could help people around the world know about the endangered tropical bird species and to help protect them. Set up awareness camps If you are looking to set up an awareness camp in your area then we can help you with that. We have a lot of information furnished on our website. Besides that, we also have a bulk of other documents, resources, study reports and more for helping the locals get to know about their local bird species. There are several small measures that every individual could take in order to contribute to the higher cause. So do not hesitate to ask for all the information you would ever need. If you know about a local species that needs immediate attention we also help with the accumulation of funds and in the process of educating the locals. The birds need us, every one of us. So let us join hands to protect those species that are crying for help.